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Concordia Foundation Orthopaedic Research Campaign

Concordia Foundation

The Concordia Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to preserving the high quality of health and wellness services provided by Concordia (Concordia Hospital, Concordia Place, Concordia Hip & Knee Institute, Concordia Wellness Projects and Concordia Village).  The Foundation is supported by individuals and corporations, who believe in Concordia and who want to be part of its ongoing efforts to build a better future for your family and your community.

One of the areas that the Foundation supports is the ongoing research performed by the surgeons of the Concordia Joint Research Group (CJRG) through the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre (OIC).  This research aims to improve patient outcomes through innovation and development of the care pathways that the surgeons use, as well as the medical devices that the surgeons implant into patients.

This November, the Concordia Foundation is launching a donation campaign to help support this valuable ongoing research.

More information on the appeal can be found at Concordia Foundation Research Donation Campaign.

To make a direct donation to the Concordia Foundation, visit their website at

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