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Patent Licensing Opportunities

Intellectual Property Licensing Opportunities

We are dedicated to advancing medicine through research and innovation. We have developed disruptive intellectual properties that are available for licensing with the goal of enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Drug-Eluting Additively Manufactured Materials & Devices

The Orthopaedic Innovation Centre has patented the combination of antibiotics and polymers manufactured by 3D printing, and of bone-growth promoting compounds and polymers manufactured by 3D printing.

  • Foundational technology suited to point-of-care manufacturing and personalized medicine
  • Fully-customizable patient-specific devices
  • Better addresses bacterial infections than existing implantables
  • Broad intellectual property coverage
  • Wide array of applications

Surface-Guided Total Knee Replacement

In 2012, the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre began work on a design concept known as a Surface- Guided Knee. The design works on the principle of passive motion in response to flexion of the knee under load. The geometry of the articulating surfaces are tailored to drive posterior rollback and external rotation of the lateral femur to meet the defined kinematic target. The result is knee motion engineered to mimic that of a healthy knee.

  • Natural knee motion
  • Kinematics by design target
  • Topology-guided lateral condyle
  • Deep flexion (up to 150)
  • Joint stability throughout flexion range
  • Easily adapted to existing knee systems
  • Patient-specific or incremental sizing

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