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Mechanical Testing

Service Overview

Mechanical testing is a critical part of material characterization, product design, development, and manufacture. Through the application of a static or cyclic load to a test specimen, we are able to gain an understanding of how the material or device will perform during real-world use.

We have several in-house testing systems to perform a wide range of materials and device testing including both static and fatigue testing under tensile, compressive, torsional, or bending stresses. An overview of our equipment is provided below.

Additional Information

Equipment Specifications

Test FrameParameterSpecification
Instron Electropuls E10000Linear Dynamic Capacity±10kN (2250lb)
Linear Static Capacity±7.1kN (1600lb)
Torsion Capacity±100Nm (880in-lb)
Linear Stroke60mm (2.36in)
Instron 3382ALinear Static Capacity±100kN (22,500lb)
Linear Stroke57.5 cm (22.6 in)
Thelkin SDL-LLinear Dynamic Capacity±5kN (1125lb)
Linear Static Capacity±2.5kN (565lb)
Linear Stroke50mm (1.97in)
ADMET eXpert 9300Bending Stress Capacity50Nm (500 inlb)
Rotational Speed60-6,000 rpm
Shank Size9.5 mm (3/8 in)

Standards We Test


Standard Test Methods of Compression Testing of Metallic Materials at Room Temperature


Standard Test Methods for Bend Testing of Material for Ductility


Standard Practice for Conducting Force Controlled Constant Amplitude Axial Fatigue Tests of Metallic Materials


Standard Test Method for Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing


Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastics


Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics

ASTM D3039

Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

ISO 1143

Metallic Materials – Rotating Bar Bending Fatigue Testing

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