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Test suite: CSA Z94.4.1 2021

We offer a broad range of testing services for evaluating respirators including particle filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, breathing resistance, synthetic blood penetration, respirator fit testing, and more.

Internationally recognized standards are followed meticulously to ensure accuracy of our results when evaluating your products. If a non-standard test is needed, our engineering team will develop and incorporate modifications to suit your specific product and data needs.

We pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customer’s specific needs with personalized service and rapid turn-around.

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Exhalation Valve Leakage

Respirators equipped with exhalation valves are leak tested to ensure a very low level of backflow during inhalation.

Strap Testing

Respirator head or ear straps are challenged with a specified tension load to ensure no breakage occurs.

Synthetic Blood Penetration (Respirators – Suffix “F”)

Medical masks are challenged to resist penetration by increasing velocities of 2mL of synthetic blood disbursed by an air pressure source, simulating arterial blood splatter.

Exhalation and Inhalation resistance (Levels 100Pa, 175Pa, 343Pa)

Respirators are tested for resistance to exhalation air flow by measuring the differential pressure across the filter with airflow moving from inside to outside of the mask.

Particle Filtration Efficiency

Non-powered respirators are challenged with sub-micron salt (NaCl) particles at an airflow rate of 85 L/min to determine the percent efficiency of filtration.

Respirator Fit Testing

Respirators are donned by personnel and the quality of fit to the person's face is assessed while performing several activities. A fit factor is reported for each activity and each person tested to determine pass/fail. Fit testing can also be performed on a bivariate panel of up to 25 volunteers to determine to ensure broad applicability of the respirator.

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