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3D Laser Scanning

Service Overview

Laser scanning is quickly becoming the preferred method for constructing three-dimensional digital models for prototyping, quality control, documentation, and reverse engineering. This time-effective, non-contact technology is able to render every feature of an object into a 3D model that can then be inspected for design deficiencies or surface imperfections.

Using this technology, we help our clients reduce inspection costs, improve product quality, rapidly conduct first-article inspection, quickly troubleshoot fit problems, and provide documented proof that components meet specifications.

Additional Information

What equipment do you use for laser scanning?

We use the Ai600 laser scanning system designed and manufactured by ShapeGrabber®, a leading pioneer in the field of optical 3D measurement systems. The Ai600 system utilizes the SG102 scan head, which provides NIST-traceable full surface data of even the most complex components.

What are the equipment specifications?

Parameter Specification
Device Type Laser Diode
Wavelength 670nm
Power Output Max. 0.95mW
Point Density 1280 points on a line
Field of View Near 85mm (3.3in)
Far 175mm (6.9in)
Resolution Max. 1μm
Data Rate 18 000-100 000 pts/sec

How do you control environmental vibrations?

The scanner is supported by a Fabreeka® vibration control table (Precision-Aire series™) to compensate for vibrations in the environment. The vibration control table provides a self-leveling work surface that has been shown to enhance the performance, reliability, and accuracy of the laser scanner.

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