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Coordinate Measuring Machine

Service Overview

A scanning coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a piece of equipment that is used to determine the geometry of objects according to an automated path with high accuracy and rapid. It can detect very small differences between the end products and the design specifications. This technology can be used to analyze the in vivo wear of retrieved orthopaedic implants as well as assessing the quality of medical devices throughout the production process.

Additional Information

What equipment do you use for carrying out these measurements?

We perform all of our measurements using the Zeiss PRISMO Navigator 795, which is manufactured by Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, which runs CALYPSO software with specialized analysis modules. The PRISMO is recognized around the world for its high speed scanning, accuracy, and resistance to ambient conditions.

What are the equipment specifications?

Parameter Specification
Sensor VAST Gold
Scan Speed 200 points/sec
Software CALYPSO
Measuring Range (X x Y x Zmm) 700 x 900 x 500mm
Length Measuring Error in μm 0.9 ± L/350

Why is this type of measurement important?

CMM measurements have the ability to reverse engineer parts for quality control purposes in a number of different industries that extend beyond the medical sector.

What other capabilities does your technology have?

The PRISMO Navigator output scans can be imported into other programs such as SolidWorks or Abaqus for further analysis. The probing force can also be adjusted by the operator to accommodate various types of materials to alleviate measuring problems caused by deformation.

Standards We Test

ASTM F2033

Standard Specification for Total Hip Joint Prosthesis and Hip Endoprosthesis Bearing Surfaces Made of Metallic, Ceramic, and Polymeric Materials

ASTM F2979-14

Standard Guide for Characterization of Wear from the Articulating Surfaces in Retrieved Metal-on-Metal and other Hard-on-Hard Hip Prostheses

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