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Summer Surge in Device Testing: Ignite Your Orthopaedic Innovations

How To Adapt Test Standards for Novel Spine Devices

June 6, 2023

Presented by Sara Gustafson, M.Sc., P.Eng

Senior Biomedical Engineer, Technical Lead – Spine & Osteosynthesis

In this webinar, Sara Gustafson will guide you through the process of adapting test standards for novel spine devices. You will learn how to select appropriate standards, combine methods effectively, incorporate physiological conditions, and evaluate device performance while considering implant-to-bone interaction. Join us to gain valuable insights into creating suitable custom test methods for relevant and accurate results.

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How To Plan for a Joint Replacement Wear Test

June 8, 2023

Presented by Sarah Fay, M.Sc., EIT

Biomedical Engineer, Technical Lead – Joint Replacement

Sarah Fay will share her expertise on planning for a joint replacement wear test, helping you avoid common pitfalls through strategic planning and preparation. Discover how to select appropriate preconditioning and post-test analysis methods, and learn how to schedule your wear test to ensure regulatory submission deadlines are met. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your joint replacement testing approach.

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How FEA Can Save You Time and Money

June 20, 2023

Presented by Ian Polyzois, Ph.D, EIT

Mechanical Engineer, Technical Lead – FEA Simulation & PPE Testing

Join Ian Polyzois as he demonstrates the power of finite element analysis (FEA) in the medical device industry. Explore how FEA can quickly predict device performance, identify design flaws early on, classify best- and worst-case scenarios, support optimal material selection, and simulate unique clinical conditions for patient-specific devices. Learn how FEA can save you valuable time and resources throughout the device development process.

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